• Worst Places to be in a Z-pocalypse Outbreak

    17th Jul 2019 by

    #Taking Part in a Zombie Experience I haven’t been lucky enough to actually participate in a zombie experience, I’d obviously be a pro (you believe me, right?). For obvious reasons this is bad place to be if a z-pocalypse outbreak happens, for a start all of your weapons aren’t real. If the zombie actors have… Read more

  • Stupid Ways to Die (II)

    14th Jul 2019 by

    #Setting of a Zombie Alarm Just because the electricity is down doesn’t mean batteries are dead! In a Z-pocalypse in particular you’re going to find that some items designed to save your life might actually become the reason you die. Finding safety in houses especially when the weather is colder will be essential to survival,… Read more

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