Food for Thought

Balls deep into the Z-pocalypse you are going to start missing food, I miss food after only a few hours of not being about to eat it. Survival depends on how much food you can grasp and it is what will draw you out of safe place you have managed to call home. When you are consuming a tin of baked beans, you’ll start reminiscing about all the food you used to enjoy without having to risk your life to eat it so of course I have started thinking about what food my stomach would pine for. Starting with the unusual but beautiful crisp sandwich, I love a nice soft loaf buttered with some lovely crunchy crisps but my problem is crisps will outlast bread. Bread will probably be going mouldy before I can get my mitts on it to fill my crisp sandwich needs. (If you have never eaten a Wotsit sandwich you should it is life changing!) Maybe I should make a point of finding a baker but that won’t be any good if there isn’t any electricity.

Pizza, pizza, pizza and all its warm cheesy goodness. I am talking about that freshy delivered food of gods, oh yes, when you grab a slice to see the cheese stretch away from all the other pieces. If you are not already drooling over the cheese then you should maybe check your pulse, take a deep breath and start questioning whether you have been fancying human flesh lately, you may already be a zombie? (or vegan). Oh, we shouldn’t forget the smell either, food for the nostrils, enjoyment for your other senses can’t be left out. Just think about when you take a bite of that saucy wholesomeness which sends you straight to heaven with an array of toppings, pizza would definitely be missed.

Burgers! What makes the perfect burger? A juicy beef patty, a sexy slice of cheese (obviously..), crispy bacon accompanied with a tomato and tomato sauce sandwiched between a nice soft pair of buns. A melody of pleasurable flavours again with the cheese melted as it sits against the cooked delicious meat ready to please your taste buds. Whether its homemade or made for you it is a pleasure that sends you into a different realm of joy. Life wouldn’t be the same without a good burger to have every now and then.

Breathe, take a moment or two if you need to… The humble pancake is here to save the day! All you need is to get your hands on some pancake mix, water, a bit of oil and syrup; now it’s just starting to get better. Just make sure you have got your hands on a frying pan and small camping stove then there’ll be something to enjoy in the Z-pocalypse at last. It doesn’t stop at syrup, pancakes allow you to get creative. Tinned fruit comes in different varieties, you can enjoy them with lemon juice or if you don’t have a sweet tooth savoury options are available. A lot would have been lost in the Z-pocalypse but pancakes are your friend and anything with a long use by date is there for you, just get it before anybody else can!

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