Zombie Speed and Survivability

#Slow Zombies – Not Screwed!

So, I am talking about decaying just risen up from the grave type of zombie, to be honest I feel most people would be able to tackle these guys unless you happen to be surrounded by graveyards then you might be outnumbered. I think in this type of Z-pocalypse I would even stand a chance, you could even rip off one the zombies legs and use it as a weapon if you don’t happen to have something useful on you (it might be a bit gross but you are about to bash this things skull in so you don’t have time for gross). They would still be a bit of an issue because they want to eat your brains which means when they find that one person who isn’t clued up on the whole zombie genre the virus could spread but ultimately I think the living would have the upper hand and would come out on top!

#Walking Zombies – Probably Screwed

This is more dependent on how the Z-pocalypse starts because it isn’t like everyone owns a gun, will necessarily be in the right place at the right time and have something ready to crack a skull open (let’s face it we can’t all be ready). The other problem is fighting a freshly turned zombie that hasn’t started decaying yet even though they aren’t fast you are still going to have the full body weight (some people are quite heavy) of a zombie lunging towards you probably before you have had time to understand what is going on because they are more than likely going to look normal at first glance. Problems don’t stop there when you start thinking about the amount of people who have headphones in whilst out and about (guilty, obviously!) meaning most of us are going to bitten without realising a Z-pocalypse has even started and when zombie numbers start rising that is when sh*t goes sideways. Quite a few of us will be screwed, not everyone is going to be able to bring themselves to kill another human and plenty of us aren’t going to be paying enough attention to save ourselves but not everyone will become zombie meat as you can out run them, you just got to be smart and strong.

#Fast Zombies – Definitely Screwed

Sprinters, runners or whatever you want to call them, they are unstoppable! Don’t get me wrong fast zombies can be fun to watch but surviving against these things would just be down to dumb luck, nothing else unless you happen to be Usain Bolt and happen to have Duracell battery fluid running through your veins instead of blood then you might just stand a chance. Okay, ’28 Days Later’ (not technically zombies but I like the film) and ‘World War Z’ have loop holes for humans to survive like being able to travel around during the day or having a major illness that provides a camouflage between you and the undead but I am going to take a guess that we would just wouldn’t be that lucky if this type of Z-pocalypse happened. We would be totally screwed, we’d burnout before we could get away from the supercharged undead.

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  1. So interesting! I’ve never thought about this before, I think I presume that zombies are always really slow due to what we see on TV/Film but I think I’d be screwed if I came up against the Usain Bolt of zombies – so fast! I don’t know about you, but I’m still hoping that they’d be super slow…

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  2. I often think that the majority of survivors would be people who typically don’t leave their house often – such as the chronically ill and those with mental illness; purely because we would be protected in those first few hours of confusion of “why is Mrs Jones trying to bite me”.
    A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have noticed an apocalypse until the internet went out or I ran out of cigarettes/chocolate!

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