Worst Places to be in a Z-pocalypse Outbreak

#Taking Part in a Zombie Experience

I haven’t been lucky enough to actually participate in a zombie experience, I’d obviously be a pro (you believe me, right?). For obvious reasons this is bad place to be if a z-pocalypse outbreak happens, for a start all of your weapons aren’t real. If the zombie actors have turned or if you encounter anyone during the experience that has turned you won’t be aware as you expecting to kick zombie butt. You’ll be standing there (or running terrified anyway. .) thinking ‘wow this actor is soo good’ or ‘the make-up is amazing’ then before you have time to realise that zombie is going to be embedding its teeth into your shoulder!

#On a Plane

Trapped 35,000ft in the air when a z-pocalypse outbreak has begun doesn’t sound very appealing (that’s because it is not, duh) it is basically a no hope situation where your choices are death or death? You can’t open the door so you’ll die (it is impossible), there aren’t many places to hide so you’ll die and if your pilot somehow manages to land the plane in all the chaos so you can dispose the zombies into the ocean you’ll die because everyone else is going to be too busy trying to save themselves to come out and save your stranded ass. Dead, double dead and dead! If the zombies don’t eat you, you will most likely starve instead.

#In a City

We all know cities are highly populated so the bite count is going to get pretty high quickly, it’s not like the average person is a readily armed zombie slayer (no one is expecting to be bitten on a normal day) then think of the amount of people working in high rise buildings with no weapons at their disposal and no easy way out. For those who are lucky enough to not be trapped in a building aren’t out of the woods because fighting through the traffic to find your way to a less populated area is probably a death sentence in itself, if you actually want to get anywhere travelling on foot is going to be a lot better option although it comes with major risks.

#Having an Operation

Now I am not talking about being fully unconscious, honestly that would probably be a decent way to go or as decent as it gets as you’d get to skip all the pain of being eaten alive, losing loved ones and having to shoot them in the head. The only person who’ll suffer is your guilt-ridden surgeon that chose to leave you behind, you can’t really blame him though!?! Nope, I am talking about operations where you’re awake but not being able to move due to the fact you’re numbed from the torso down. During a Z-pocalypse outbreak you’ll just be a zombie ready meal which is borderline terrifying (nope, it is actually terrifying!). Although it won’t necessarily be painful all you can do is helplessly watch on as zombies head over to enjoy a flesh sesh at your expense. Take a minute to really take in how horrifying this situation would actually be!

#In a Nightclub

It is crowded, you can’t hear and some people are incoherent due to being highly intoxicated, not to mention how dark it is in a nightclub (get eating those carrots people). A z-pocalypse starting here would be a nightmare, everyone would be too far gone until someone actually realised what was going on or until you could actually hear what was happening. The darkness mixed with drunkards means telling the difference between zombies and just your average drunk person is going to be complicated enough along with the fight you’ll have to get out the door!

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  1. Eating carrots wouldn’t help in the night club scenario, unfortunately. It’s a WWII myth told by the British to try and hide the Intel the British had, in order to keep the Nazis in the dark

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    1. But like all myths had an element of truth to it…
      The brits were trying to conceal that they had invented radar that could be used on their planes….and it just so happened that we also had a major major surplus of carrots that year. So carrots were being served with literally every meal – providing a back up to the propaganda that they helped you to see in the dark.
      There was also a public information campaign run in Britain advising you to eat your carrots to see in the dark during blackouts – in part to further the myth and make it more believable to the Germans, and in part to convince the public to eat more carrots and get rid of this surplus!

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  2. There’s an almost abandoned shopping mall near-ish to me that is open but only has about half of the stores still operating. I call it the ‘zombie apocalypse’ mall because it’s like you’ve stepped into a scene looking for supplies after an apocalypse has happened. Once all the power went out too while I was in a bookstore and I was convinced it really was happening, haha!

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  3. Well now I feel positive! Great post though – I don’t think I’d want to be in any of this situations (and got to admit, being on a plane makes any bad situation 1000x worse). I’d love to see a zombie outbreak in a nightclub done as a scene in a film though, that would look so cool.

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  4. I saw on a plane and thought yep, definitely the worst…then operation came up and that was definitely the worst. At least in a city there’s a lot pf you in it together x


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    1. I mean a zombie apocalypse actually happening would be bad enough in itself but being completely unable to get away would be horrible. That is true, grouping up with people would increase survival and you’d have each other’s back.


  5. I’m having nightmares tonight about having an epidural when the zombie outbreak occurs!

    I think being on a plane during the initial stages – as long as nobody on board was infected, could actually work out alright….Especially if the pilot rerouted to a less populated island somewhere XD

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    1. Surprising I haven’t yet and I can get some pretty bad nightmares. Watch a funny film before you go to sleep.

      Unfortunately I am talking about the zombie apocalypse starting on the plane otherwise it wouldn’t be too bad depending on fuel and nearby locations.

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  6. Oh man, I’ve seen some zombie movies and it blows my mind to see the bad fortune some characters were in when they were in danger. I totally agree with all of these, especially the club. It is so crowded and there’s so little place to run!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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  7. This was a fun read haha all those places would definitely be horrible to be. What about a theme park? All those people would be too much too!

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    1. Definitely. Imagine sat on a rollercoaster next to someone who just turned into a zombie or being stuck on a ride because the outbreak happened and the operator got eaten!


      1. I hate rollercoasters haha so I would definitely die from the fear and not the outbreak. But that stuff is scary to think about!

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    1. We just need a zombie club outbreak scene. It would probably be the only time you’d be happy to be the designated driver because at least you’d have your wits about you.


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