Humans Should be More Zombie

#Zombies Don’t Care For Stigma!

Now, just clarify this blog post is not recommending cannibalism (please don’t eat people!). I just have a rather strange way of looking at things. For zombies of the z-pocalypse brains are important to them, they are brain connoisseurs. Zombies don’t care about any stigma behind chemically imbalanced brains because these brains are just as valuable as any other brain. They care about every brain whether it is plagued with mental illness or not because every living human has worth. You will never see the undead running away from a human with mental health issues so neither should other humans.

#Zombies Don’t Have Time Isms!

Zombies don’t discriminate! ‘Zombies who stay together eat prey together!’ It doesn’t matter what gender, race or what your sexual orientation is because zombies will accept you no matter what. They don’t even care if dress up as a unicorn at the weekend, you’ll be welcomed into the horde with open decaying arms. All zombies are equally valued on their quest for human flesh and even take you in once they have partly eaten you. Zombies don’t bully other zombies even if they made a stupid decision that got them eaten in the first place.

#Zombies Love You No Matter What ā¤

Flaws, some of us may own a few of those (who’s got the time to be perfect?). Despite the many things on self-love you can read/watch you still may find it difficult to absolutely love everything about yourself (let me take a minute to tell you that you are awesome) and then comes the worry that other humans are judging you for it. Well zombies love you for who you are, no matter what and don’t require you to change one bit. They will follow you until the end of the earth (quite literally) just to be with you.

#Diamonds Are Not A Zombies Best Friend ā™¢

Ever heard of materialistic zombie? No! That’s not a thing. . .(Please don’t make it a thing either) A zombie horde has no hierarchy, no zombie is better than another. They certainly don’t care whether zombie Dave owned a Lamborghini and dressed only in Gucci. The z-pocalypse zombie crew doesn’t judge a book by its cover allowing any undead to become a member of the group. Possessions are meaningless and doesn’t make one zombie better than another. Zombies shamble with the undead from all walks of life and get by with what they have got. They don’t require irrelevant shizzle to be happy!

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  1. šŸ¤” iZombie zombies can be quite petty regarding the drug trade and preparing “premium” brains — but I do see what your point is! Humans should stop discriminating as much as they do, because at the end of the day it matters not.

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  2. Give all racists the zombie virus, I like it. I’m not sure what is more scary, a horde of zombies, or a horde of racists…… Imma go with racists as scarier.

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