Seven Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Me!

Hello! So, I got tagged on Twitter by AllThingsLiv (thank you muchly) to do a ‘seven things you didn’t know about me’ blog post! All I can say is some of it is probably going to be random which should be expected by now for those of you that have read any of my previous blog posts (thank you by the way. . .). It has been a week since I have posted on my blog so lets jump in shall we?

Yet Another Irrational Fear. . .

You didn’t think it could get weirder than my fear of buttons? But it does obviously! As random as it is, I have irrational fear of moving into a haunted house and being stuck with an evil poltergeist. After having a few paranormal encounters (maybe also watching a bit too much paranormal witness) I get scared that I will eventually end up living with an unwanted house mate that’ll go out of its way to terrify me every day. To be honest I could do without an entity hiding my keys because I perfectly capable of losing my keys myself. I would consider living with a helpful ghost who’s willing to leave post-it notes around the house so when I walked in to a room I knew why I actually walked in there.

I am Sucker for a Disney Mug ❤

I love a bit of Disney. . . Not only do they make awesome films but Disney mugs are equally as awesome too! I’m starting to get a cute collection of them, my favourite types of mugs to buy are ones with a cute blue experiment on or a stubborn red-haired mermaid! I very much need to add Baymax to my collection as we have a few things in common (we are not fast). I do own a few cuddly toys too!

I Couldn’t Survive Without my Search Bar

I actually have no idea where anything on my laptop is at all, I just search for anything and everything I need. Yes, it is lazy but I am not an organised person (this is why I need a helpful ghost) and I can get lost on my own laptop.

I’m Scared of the Exorcist

It would be completely wrong to assume I enjoy all things horror because I don’t. When I used to socialise on Facebook, I actually blocked someone for sharing a picture of Emily Rose when she was in full-on possessed mode! I admit that it has got to be one of the stupidest reasons to block a friend but I ain’t got time for that. This movie made sure I never ever touched a Ouija Board! Horror films with ghosts scare me on a whole different level the main reason being is I lived in a haunted house (luckily not with a demonic ghost) so to me it is real.

I Love Ice Tea!

I hate coffee it tastes disgusting to me which is annoying as there is a chance it might make me a functional human in the mornings rather than the blabbering mess I am. Fortunately my taste buds don’t always fail me (phew!) and I can enjoy a nice ice tea or three. I drink plenty of water but a nice ice tea with fruit is always a winner, if you can add fruit it must me good, right?

I Love Listening to a Good Song

Unfortunately, if a z-pocalypse happened I’d probably have to live without music for safety reasons more than anything. I don’t need to worry yet at least (touch wood) so I can carry on walking around with my earphones in whilst listening to whatever fits my mood. My favourite songs are ‘Too Close’ by Alex Clare and ‘Rather be a Ghost’ by guccihighwaters, it would be hard to imagine life with no music in it. I certainly don’t own a good enough set of pipes to sing to anyone either.

Zombies Wasn’t my First Idea?

As it happens my first blog idea was going to be a paranormal journey where I developed different skills from tarot reading to being able to communicate with spirits even though I have spent most of my life trying to block out any connection I have (yes, I am a big baby). The problem is I would be scared most of the time and I am not rich either so finding money to dedicate to groups then travelling to different haunted locations would be another issue. An idea for the future?

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    1. I think it would also probably be better as a vlog and I am camera shy. No I don’t but I do own tarot cards. There is actually a spirit circle that happens near me but it is when I am at work so that sucks.


  1. This was so much fun to read! I’m sorry you’ve had some scary paranormal encounters- I’ve always been interested in the paranormal, but have never had any experience. And barely anyone I know has had one either! So maybe it’s because I’ve never had an experience that I’m interested in all things spooky. And I know this sounds weird, but since I grew up Catholic, the Exorcist doesn’t scare me, lol. It’s actually one of my favorite movies! Same with Emily Rose. I’m sorry that was so traumatic for you that you blocked a friend on FB for posting a pic of it! But it makes a really fun story, to be honest!

    And that last idea sounds like a really fun idea! I think it would work either blog or vlog style or a combination of both. But it is hard to find money to travel, especially to so many places (I don’t know how travel bloggers do it!), though it’s a great idea if you could do it in the future!

    Emily |

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  2. You could become a paranormal travel blogger? 😁

    I had a bad day at work today, and your post made me forget about it a little. Definitly an interesting read, thanks for sharing.

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