About Me


Delta Eliana Ariana Deathstorm it is a pen name if you haven’t guessed already but I like it because if you go by the initials it spells D.E.A.D. Morbid may come to mind or you could just think that I as a person happen to be really creative/quirky/fun, not really a fan of calling myself quirky. WHY? It just sounds like I am trying to hard to be different from the rest of the population when the world can work that out for itself. I have a pen name for plausible deniability, no-one knows my name so they can’t point at me in the street giggling at my failed attempt at blogging. Not going to lie my blog is pretty plain but it took me three days to work out how to change the picture on the homepage (don’t judge me, it’s my first time) shhh!!

Honestly becoming a writer has always been a dream of mine but not being some sort of literary genius has made me push it to the back of my mind anyway now I here giving it a go. As you should be able to tell by whole name-thing I have got going on it isn’t going to be featuring lollypop rainbows with puppies on top. Personally zombies, ghosts and attempting to add a joke in every so often is more my thing. Now I am here not to offer you a zombie survival guide if the undead come knocking as I would be the last person to ask for advice in any emergency situation.

My mind keeps telling me that the zombie market is overcrowded but my ideas are irreplaceable, my characters want their version of the apocalypse to be told. Here I am now although I have only completed my first chapter to share different anecdotes on my thoughts about the apocalypse (again this is not a survival guide) along with my journey into self publishing which is seemingly far off but is going to require a lot of work. Starting a blog will be another learning journey that hopefully doesn’t just benefit myself. Being a person who is into the zombie genre I always want more just like the undead want more flesh to feed on.

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